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These pix were taken on the day I met Nhu – my partner in crime – who had sent me sinfully yummee Oz-made nougats & nutella via her bf & in person.


We would certainly make very bad gym friends, as most of our convos are about food: nuts, cheese, chocolate …


Wonder why we look the way we look? Wonder no more!


This picture is called “The red <!>”

Distortion alert: Objects in the <!> picture may appear larger/smaller than they are


The picture credits go to Nhu’s bf – a super well-equipped photographer. A glance at all the camera and lens neatly arranged in his huge rucksack, anyone will be impressed.



  1. LOL @ the last one.. post tiep deee… co may tam dzo..

  2. 🙂 chị Thanh mặc áo đỏ trông rất hot hihi…

  3. hot hot hot lady in red! Tam cuoi trong may nhu red Tweety 😛 Impressive photographer!

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