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It started out with Mami-Daddy’s night – Cu Tí John’s farewell party: Yummee Korean roasted pork & bibimbab @ Choi Go Jip and non-Salsa dancing @ Cage last Saturday night.

The devils in black

Choi Go Jip

and the angels in white

Choi Go Jip w

The following night would have been just another Sunday’s Salsa session @ Cage without the presence of two super popular Salsa faces from Hanoi. Phan Y Ly is amazingly smooth and sexy!

Then, on Monday night, Mami & Daddy threw a party @ Ngoc Suong to celebrate Daddy’s big achievement. It was the biggest party ever – most members of the Salsa family were there, even the two guests from Hanoi were invited.

Ngoc Suong restaurant

On Monday night, no bar or café plays Salsa music, and for Salsa lovers, there’s nothing worse than us getting together and not dancing. Mami was brilliant enough to suggest checking out Au lac do Brazil. It only took Quỳnh & Mami a few minutes to persuade its staff to open the dance floor just for us. The moment the first song was played, most of us started dancing like there’d be no tomorrow. The unplanned Salsa session was such a bonus that the whole evening turned out to be our most awesome outing.

Me taking up Salsa one and half years ago was one of the best things that I’ve ever done. Salsa is now not just a whole new experience of dancing. It is a big warm cheerful naughty family that shares this one love for Salsa.

Au lac do Brazil


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