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On the verge of turning one year wiser, I wanted to show off my 1982 nude picture – the typical kind of picture that any new-born baby would have. I couldn’t find that very special pic. Instead, I ran into these pictures dated from before I was born up until now. None of them was from 1982, so my search is not over yet. For now, enjoy my September 8th-dedicated slide show.

Sunday September 7, 2008 – 05:05pm (ICT)



  1. You were cute BB, and still a cute girl. Happy Birthday to you!! Hope you every dream would come true in your life. Wish you happy happy birthday!!

  2. very cute.. happy bday babe.. muah muah

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Thanh oi.
    Chuc Thanh 1 tuoi moi nhieu thanh cong va co nhieu tin vui nha.


  4. Tam hinh nam chi 3 tuoi nhin mat lau ca kinh khung hihihihi

  5. Sinh nhật vui nhé 🙂

  6. Slice show dep wa….

  7. Hinh an tuong wa! Chuc mung SN ban Thanh u/ de suong, chuc Thanh luon vui, tre, khoe nhe! 🙂

  8. Chúc Chủ tịch Hội từ thiện Ng.Du thêm 1 tuổi mới có thật nhiều niềm vui mới nghen & nhanh chóng noi gương a Minh Trần để bạn bè còn đến chia vui nữa chứ hehe

  9. Happy Birthday. Chúc bạn Thanh luôn thỏa mãn với những ước mơ của mình nhé… :-))

  10. O, vay la hang nam, cu khai truong xong la ban be keo nhau toi nha be’ Thanh an nhau sinh nhat nhi. Hoanh trang ghe!
    Happy sweet 26 nhe 🙂

  11. 🙂 happy birthday nhé chị! bài hát rất hoành tráng…

  12. Chuc mung sinh nhat nhe bo^` te`o!! Bua nay la 8/9 ben nay >:)
    Luon vui ve, hanh phuc nhen!

  13. Hohoho! Hoi tre but Happy Birthday !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Very impressive!!! Happy Birthday nhe em! Wish you don’t have any fighting any more ah 🙂

  15. Thanh con giu duoc hinh hay the! Hinh nam 1992 moi bat dau nhan ra. Chuc mung sinh nhat nhe!

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