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1992 - 2 sisters


DSC01990 - Copy

and a question …

… to everyone who’s reading this blog : “Do you love me?”

P.S The question does not have anything to do with the pix.

P.P.S This is not a joke.

I need a straight answer which is either “yes” or “no”.
So pls be clear and honest!
“I love you but …” or “Why ask?” is not considered an answer.


  1. Needless to say, there will be piles of us who say yes at a wink! And I do love u Thanh.

  2. Yes, honie, though we didn’t spend much time together.

  3. yy-e-sssssss

  4. Ofcourse I do, pal

  5. Yeap!!!

  6. Yeap!!!

    Bonus: quả đầu này được của nó đấy 😀

  7. Yessss…sssssssss….ssssssssssssssss, I do… Giong chap nhan loi cau hon wa! Hehehe…Love ya…love your new hairstyle…

  8. luv luv luv ya… you know I do …

  9. Of course,I do and I know many others will have the same answer.Don’t ask why…;)

  10. yes i do chi Thanh oi

  11. Yes, I do…… for richer for poorer.. in sickness and in health….. 😉 j/k

  12. YESssssssssssssssss! Darling, be strong, I do!

  13. yezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….marrrrry me!!!!!!!!!Be mine…allllll mine..

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