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is to wander around Saigon cosmo area and take photos like this one for my “Saigon & me” collection. To make it happen, I certainly need a photographer in place – who is currently my lil sis (who seriously needs some basic training about photography. Does it look like I googled this pic and added myself to it?) Hopefully, the weather will be as cooperative (subtle sunshine & no threat of any rain) as it was yesterday in the coming weekends.


The evening started with my new colleague’s wedding. Ramana hotel surprised everyone with a nicely decorated ballroom and very fine food (with general wedding food as the benchmark eh). And again, seeing my colleague and her husband up there pouring champaigne & cutting cakes did not make me wanna get myself wedded as much as seeing married couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries. I’m such an old lady eh!

Here’s the 8x team of Dutch Lady Vietnam @ Cage.


To those who care: I’m back to being the cheerful me. My most recent fav snack is that cheese puffs something imported from the US. My weight is still in control, so why not snack?

Thúy & mắm: this bonus toilet pic is for you. Comments?



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  1. Sexy dress… heheh

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