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_ The endless search for diced aloe vera in sweet syrup finally came to an end. Packs of readily made aloe vera are widely sold at Citimart Nguyen Trai.

_ Found a solution to my most recent thirst quencher: a jar of kumquat in sweet and salty syrup and a jar of sweet and salty plums. These 2 can last for at least 6 weeks 😉

_ Went to the gym and exercised for 1 hour and 40 minutes, wink wink

_ Took my best friend (who was wearing a nice dress and high heels and hmmm NO helmet) on my scooter and managed to move around the cosmo area without being caught. We even headed into a one-way street with a red traffic sign implying “Do Not Enter” facing our way. Pheww!

_ Attended a Salsa workshop by Jose and Christina from Australia @ Alibi and managed to learn pretty much all the steps, oooooooooooooh, an applause for myself, clap clap.

I never ask for anything but a weekend day that shakes off all my stress. This is exactly what I need (Okie okie, except for the No Helmet and Do Not Enter parts, hihihihi). Happy weekend, friends!


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  1. me couldn’t get a cab and ended up walking all the way to mojo.. ouch.. high heels and all.. oe oe..

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