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The most “Tết” thing I have done this year:

Download Tet songs from and play them on my computer, even though the high quality mp3 of Nhạc Khúc Mừng Xuân by Năm Dòng Kẻ is not there (I’m still searching for it)

Something new this Tết:

A picture of grannies and parents and sis. The last time we took a picture of all these faces is donky years ago.

Something most laughable on the 1st day of Tết:

Bedtime Stories (the movie) and all its twist-n-turns and, of course, very funny names of each character. How these names remind of me Steve Spielman’s Laws lessons!

Something I have not done and will not do:

Go to Nguyễn Huệ – “Tết” street and take photos with all its flowers and decoration. This year’s decor is no way near what we saw in all the previous years.
Send greetings via sms without making it most relevant to the receiver.


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