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The charming lady who made bò bía (who was not cutting her nails eh) on the 2nd day of Tết

This is the best bò bía I have ever had in my life. All of the credits go to chị Linh – my Salsa friend who was right next to me – and chị Hân – the host – my Salsa instructor – the one and only mami of the Salsa family . Clap clap clap (Emoticons are not working, aduh)

Mung 2 Tet pose

On the 9th of Tết – also Feb 3rd (which explains why “Mừng Đảng Mừng Xuân” is where you see it), I got one red pack from chị Hân and a lot of fun catching up with the rest of the Salsa family.

Li xi mung 9 Tet

One new year’s party with my colleagues is due this Friday. After that, I’m all set for the upcoming months full of work and work and work.


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  1. ao xanh ai mua ma dep gheeeeee.. hehe

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