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1. I love yummie food: bún bò Huế, bánh cuốn, green mango shake, tom yum kung, steam pot, wanton just to name a few.

2. I want to run my own sweet soup shop/toy store.

3. I neither smoke nor drink and I don’t like inconsiderate smokers/drinkers.

4. I do what I say.

5. I am proud of my best friends, who will be tagged by the time I finish posting this note.

6. Decent clothes/accessories do not necessarily come from big brands.

7. I like black-haired & black-eyed Asians

8. I ignore friend requests from those who have more than a logical amount of names in their lists.

9. A nice house or a nice scooter/car? I’d go for the 1st one.

10. If I could turn back time, I would do Interior Design

11. I don’t watch sports.

12. I love yoga, though I am only a beginner.

13. I love Salsa but I do not plan to be a pro dancer. Dancing is a way to enhance my social life, get to know other people and to release stress.

14. is still my favorite blog, even though it has been acting up for so long and may be sentenced to death anytime soon.

15. I used to wish that I would be near-sighted (so I would wear glasses). My wish came true when I was 15. Now I wish that I didn’t wish so.

16. ” Marriage is not the best thing in life”, said mom. “Never ever rush into a marriage”, said grandma.

17. Natural beauty is the real beauty. I am naturally tanned and have learned to love it.

18. I avoid using cosmetics.

19. My 1st relationship started when I was 19 and it lasted for 3 years.

20. I can’t live without the internet.

21. I rarely wear heels, they hurt my feet. I prefer dancing with ballerinas or flat sandals, instead of my dance shoes.

22. It is important that kids’ timetable includes as many extra curriculum activities as possible. Sports/music/dance/role play/planting/painting …. this is endless. If I could turn back time, I would not miss out on those.

23. I like green or purple flowers.

24. Maturity does not come with age.

25. I love nuts – all edible kinds of nuts.

I’m leaving for Buôn Mê Thuột now …… excited …… clap clap clap …..



  1. Totally agreed with No 2,3,6,9,15,17,21!
    Agreed partly with No 10 ( amend to “graphic design”), No 18 : add “sometimes”, No 18 : add “sometimes” , No 19 : at 16 😛
    Will comment more if find out sth else!
    Rate : Interesting topic! Clap clap clap!

  2. P/S : pls understand ” agree” here means “the same with you” 😀

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