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I was in black – from head to toe – looking as slim as I wanted to with the support of the most comfy heels I have ever found. Surprisingly, my best outfit for such a sunny sunday in Saigon is this black combo.

Thúy Anh and me against the orange wall and such a big hot pot that could feed a lot more than just 2 people.

Coca Suki

Thúy Anh – born just 3 days before me – is already a happy wife of a loving artistic hubby and a mom with an adorable well-mannered kid. Great job, Thúy Anh! I can see you so overwhelmed with the simplest and most treasured happiness a woman can find.

TA n baby

Phoni đeo mắt kiếng của cô Thanh nhìn thiệt là ngầu …



  1. trui, ba Thuy Anh con lớn vậy roi ah!?

  2. @Quyen : 😀 Phony nhin “gia” nhu vay thui chu moi co 1 tuoi ha, he he, va tui van thuong hay nhi nho voi no ( coi blog tui biet lien)! 😀 Ba mau mau hoi huong lam 1 dua di thoi !
    @Nhien : Suprised hen 😀 You will be even shocked if you could see the hotpot, oh no, TWO hotpotS we had that day ,really, heh heh heh!
    @Thanh : So many things we had together these days, especially on this day. Anyway,in this STORY, I hope the best for you, no matter what will happen! Smile!!!
    P/S : cam on ba da danh gia dung what called the simpliest & most treasured happiness , tui mong 1 ngay nao do ba cung se tan huong dieu do!

  3. 2 of my best friend gathered trong dip 8/3 ah 🙂

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