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I have finally found the ultimate tips to great skin:

> What to munch on/drink up: Cucumber, preserved apricot juice, barley drink, calamansi juice, banana and papaya, fresh food. Taking iron & acid folic & probiotics every other month also helps.
> What to cut off completely: anything deep-fried, any kind of preserved/salted meat, anything canned, anything sugary.

The most lovely request from my close friend: “Can you sing at my wedding?” This request was never fulfilled. A group of friends and I recorded 2 songs and made a beautiful flash for the bride&groom instead. We were too shy to sing in public.
The most candid comment: “You’re not fat. You’re just big” It would have been nice if the second half were never uttered.

The never-before-asked question number 1: “Are you Malay or Chinese?” (in a mall in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia)
The never-before-asked question number 2: “Are you from Malaysia?” (in a cupcake store in Ho Chi Minh City)

Self-discovery: I am extrovert, intuitive & judging. And I switch between a thinker and a feeler unpredictably.

The best food discovery: cod fish & fish head noodle & Malaysian durian
The best weight loss tip: Never have a big meal for dinner. In fact, cut it down it 1/10 of its regular size. Or just have boiled vegetable or some banana.

The best gift: Malaysian batik silk dress
The best bday gift: A blue silk dress & a blue crystal pendant

The best movies of the year: Rio & Mission Impossible (I was too busy for Tintin & Chipmunks)

The coincidence of the year: My immediate boss and my department head in Malaysia never spoke to each other about it. I still don’t know how they both had the same wish that I would fall in love with someone & settle down in Malaysia after my short-term assignment. Even though their wish never came true, I’m happy they had it.

The accomplishments of the year: Skin renewed (I cleared my acne, yay) & two big assignments completed (of course, with a lot of tradeoff). In the 2nd assignment, I was lucky enough to be with the best teammates ever: smart, sincere, open, straightforward, , supportive, resourceful, respectful … On the other hand, I met some of the worst-mannered people in the world in my 1st assignment. Fortunately, our paths will never cross again.

So many of my friends got married this year. I thought I was gonna have noone to hang out with after work. I looked around and realized that only 2 members in my project team are married, one is attached, and the rest are still single. I don’t know how it happened but somehow I always managed to find a group of singles to belong to. On one hand, I feel happy. On other hand, I think it is so wrong these decent ladies are still single. May we all soon find the love of our life!

I expected 2011 to be a loving year. It was. I received lots of love from friends from afar, during 6 months in Malaysia I got more “I miss you”/”We miss you” notes from Saigon friends than in any other period of my life. I also received lots of warm care from friends in Malaysia, but when it came to romance, 2011 was just another year of loneliness and emptiness.

The teary events of the year:
1) The book that got me cry like a baby is “Tuesday with Morrie”
2) I saw my dad suffer from the death of his mother and a ton of disheartening and ironic things that followed.
3) I was having lunch alone in the mall on the last day of May when I decided to check my FB on my mobile phone. These lines from my very best friend got my eyes well up with tears

I am on call for the night and although it hasn’t been terribly busy, I am still up thinking. I read the book something blue today. Did you ever get to read something borrowed? Something blue is the sequel to it. Anyhow, I miss you.

The book is about friendship, long found deep rooted friendship that is beside mother’s love, the most important relationship in one’s life. Although we are so far apart, i know you are always my best friend, loyal, patient, loving, giving, and caring and you will always be that way because it is your nature.

I realized i have been sometimes selfish and self-absorbed throughout the year, but know that i always feel that your friendship is one of the most important thing in the world to me.

I wish I could be there for you as you have always been for me.
I wish I could be as encouraging and motivating as you have always been for me.

Know that i always want the best for you, even in my peculiar critical way …”

There goes my 2011. Colorful and dark, happy and sad, loving and lonely.

Let’s hope for a more colorful, happy & loving 2012.

P.S This is the best blog entry I’ve read this year:


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